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Neo7Bioscience, Inc. is a Precision TechBioPharma company

Combining scientific concepts derived from 25 years of experience with advanced disease state analysis and solution design capabilities. Neo7Biosciences Global Science and Research Team specialize in Peptide-based treatments and technology at the forefront of Oncology, Virology, Immunology, Neurodegenerative Disorders including Inflammation and Pain.

Why Neo7Bioscience is Different

In a disease process – whether cancer, autoimmune, or neurodegenerative – there are normal and abnormal cell proteins from the patient that can be analyzed and evaluated. The challenge is to identify the ones that are significant. Insignificant proteins are “background noise” that clouds and distracts from the accurate picture of the disease process. However, the proteins that are of tremendous significance give a clear picture of what is needed for effective treatment.
Drug treatments for the general population are considered a success if there is somewhat more than just a 30% response. We do not think that is nearly good enough and we can do better. Neo7Bioscience does not deliver a one-size-fits-all-approach.
We at Neo7Bioscience analyze each patient’s immune system to find the immunological problems that have allowed the disease process to occur. After testing and analysis, we identify where the immune system is weak and develop the precise mix of peptides that work to bring the body back to health. An easy way to think of this is that peptides are little molecules with a big job. Peptides help direct the magnitude and preciseness of the immune response.

How We Do It

Our Trademarked SMART vaccine technology provides physicians and patients with personalized precision-based therapies designed to give hopeful advances in health to better their lives.

S = Strategic-Selection
M = Molecular-Mapping
A = Antigen-Alignment
R = Receptor-Recognition
T = Tactical-Technology

The Process

Every individual is unique. Even if two people share a disease with the same name, these can be two entirely different disease processes whose only commonality is the name.


Our treatments are manufactured under FDA-approved GMP methods, have strict standards for purity and sterility, and are approved for investigative use by an FDA-recognized IRB. Over 500 patients have safely used our peptide-based treatment approach since 1998. In addition, we use patented design methodology to ensure that our designs are non-toxic.

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